Microsoft's Skype for Mac team has released a number of updates for the video chatting client throughout the year, with the latest version being released to the masses today. Skype 5.8 continues the tradition of making fairly minor incremental changes on the basic framework of Skype for Mac — the biggest change here is that the software is now compatible with OS X Mountain Lion, the latest version of Apple's OS that should launch next month. Skype has also re-added functionality in the Contact Monitor window — previously, the contact list window only showed online contacts, with no way to resize it. Now, the Contact Monitor can show online contacts, all Skype contacts, your Mac address book contacts, or both Skype and address book contacts; the window itself can also be re-sized. While this isn't a groundbreaking change, it was apparently one that users have been requesting since the Skype team removed this functionality when Skype 5 was released.

There are a few other changes, as well. Compatibility with users making mobile calls has been improved — now, when talking to someone using Skype on iOS or Android, Skype for Mac will properly re-orient the video calling window when mobile users switch between portrait and landscape. There's also some improved screen-sharing features for those paying for a Skype Premium subscription. The new update lets you share photos with your video callers and keep the video feed up, so the people you're chatting with can see your face as well as the content you're sharing. The new version of Skype is available now, and the Skype blog says more updates (including opening chats in separate windows) will be coming "real soon."