Best Windows Phone compatible wired earset?

Wasn't quite sure whether to put this in mobile or Microsoft, but since it's primarily a Windows Phone thing I'll ask here.

I'm usually a 'dedicated headphone' guy but it's making increasingly less sense.

I now do the bulk of my listening portably, and here I am still futzing with taking my phone out of the pocket every time I want to change volume or skip tracks, and when taking calls, talking into my phone held out in the classic "I am not on community release" stance. I want to go full "Not sure if insane or taking call" hands-free.

Either that, or I use a jacked Bluetooth headset adapter like the Samsung HS3000 or the Nokia BH-214 which do have full transport and volume controls, but both of these send Bluetooth audio over A2DP-SBC (given Windows Phone lack of support for APT-X), effectively recompressing the lossy audio with an even crappier codec before it's delivered to my ears.

So I'm thinking perhaps I should be hunting for a dedicated wired earset.

Right now I primarily use the Westone 4 for commutes,Westone_4_medium

and the JH Audio JH13 for longer travelling.


The mode of use of the JH means that since I'll be e.g. on a plane etc I don't really need to change this set, but the commute phone is something I'd definitely like to look at changing.

The Windows Phones I've had have come with various different wired headsets, none of which really makes the audio grade and none of which fully makes the control grade either - e.g. the Samsung Omnia 7 arrived with a reasonably respectable (for pack-ins) pair of earphones - a slightly customised EHS60 - but which would only control volume, not track skip - and that's probably the best pack-in I've had, Windows Phone wise.

So what I want:

  • Wired. Cord not too long. ~45" tops from jack to earbuds.
  • Works with at least the Lumia 800 & 900. Ideally with Samsung Windows Phones and the HTC One X.
  • A combination of best audio quality & highest isolation while running rapidly insertable, non-flanged silicone sleeves. I think this pretty much mandates multi-driver balanced armatures, though if anyone has genuine example of a dynamic that can match or exceed armatures in isolation I'll be happy to hear suggestions.

    (PS. I can't use flanged silicone sleeves as they tend to irritate my ear and foam sleeves are inconvenient, though I sometimes use the Complys. I don't want to go custom as I like running rapidly insertable / removable silicone sleeves with the commute phones)
  • FULL controls - i.e. call take/pause, volume, and track skip / ffwd/rwd. I will be prepared to dispense with the ffwd/rwd but not the rest.Simply put I'd like to set up a playlist, and not ever have to fish out the phone after than until the playlist ends or when I decide to listen to something else.

Suggestions please.