Windows RT’s steep price will help Microsoft's tablets succeed

A very interesting take on Windows 8 Tablets succeeding. Read the rest here.

Anyone with the inclination and resources can build an Android tablet, and that means the market’s flooded with dopey devices whose manufacturers are either inept, careless, or, in some cases, both. And Android’s reputation has suffered as a result. Microsoft, though, won’t make the same mistake. Rather than let any manufacturer with a few tools and a conveyor belt cobble together its tablets, Microsoft has been much more selective about the companies it partners with. Just last week, in fact, it was revealed that the software company froze out HTC, the device maker responsible for the first-ever Windows Phone, from the development of Windows RT-based products. Why? Apparently Microsoft isn’t convinced HTC knows enough about tablets to build a decent device. But even if it did, Microsoft isn’t confident that the struggling company could sell such a device.