Canon Mirrorless?

Now with rumors lighting up again, what do you expect the Canon Mirrorless to be? And what's your wishlist?

If there's gonna be one, I expect the G1X sensor with Canon 650D/Nikon 1 like AF-system. Also some fast-ish (f/2.0-f/2.8 range) pancakes in the style of the recent 40mm. Also like the Nikon 1 series, one EVF-model and one without. Looks will be bland, probably pretty close to the G-series. Exactly what you'd expect them to do.

And with logic switched to OFF: the return of APS-H, that same AF-system and a range of L primes, styled like a Canon 7 rangefinder. Do this in the Xpro price-range and say goodbye to Sony and Fuji. Maybe a full-frame model as well? For the lower-end APS-C finder-less models and non-L lenses. (Well, there is a 1000 dollar gap in the line-up now, so why not?)

P.S Somewhere I think there could be some confusion with the 650D and it's phase-detect module baked in the sensor and the Pancake lens. It sounds so much alike Nikon 1, and it could be interpreted as a mirrorless model coming from Canon. (when there's no mention of the name 'T4i')