The Best Ultraportable Money Can Buy

I just ran across this thing and realized how awesome this computer is. It's expensive, but if money isn't an object, this may be the best darn ultraportable out there (yes, even when compared to the Air).

Hey Verge, can we please get a review of the 2012 model (it's got a nicer screen and IVY Bridge).?

I'm talking about the Sony Vaio Z (2012 model):


  • It's got the highest resolution screen in a 13" (1920X1080). The Zenbook Prime (which isn't out yet) is the only other ultrabook I know that has this.
  • It's 2.5 pounds (lightest one around, except maybe the Portege which has lots of other issues. Much lighter than even the Zenbook Prime)
  • Keyboard is backlit with decent key sizes.
  • Processor is full voltage, Ivy Bridge!!! (WOW!). Up to Quad Core i7 Full Voltage.
  • Goes up to 512GB in SSD. 8GB Ram.
  • Tons of full size ports (full size VGA, ethernet, HDMI port: so no carrying adapters when going to present in class, meetings, etc. or when connecting to TV)
  • Slim (0.6"), even though it has lots of ports.
  • Optional (but expensive) dock comes with dedicated graphics card.
  • It's available today!
  • The only CON I can tell is that it is quite expensive ($1599 and up), more so than the MacBook Air. But compared to the Air, it also offers a much higher res screen, full voltage processor, lighter weight, and plenty of full size ports.

To other readers: Whadya think? Additionally, if you've used it, do you have any feedback on this laptop?

To the Verge: Can we please get a review on this baby? This year's model with Ivy Bridge seems to have lots of improvements.