Why you shouldn't switch to android.

Hey guys,

Many of you probably read this http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/13/3082261/29-days-with-android

This is why you shouldn't switch :

This guy did a very nice article to explain his experience since he switched fbut os 29 days to android.

Firstable, you have to consider the fact that he was since the beginning probably an android guy, and that android is more made for him that iOS. He need customization, roms, skins stuff like that. Like pimping a car. Anyway, don’t forget that he only had an iPhone. He didn’t had the whole iOS experience, with Mac, apple tv stuff like that, AirPlay etc. moreover, he said himself that after some days he deleted all widgets and stupid skins. Why ? Because it seems that without knowing it he was missing iOS springboard.

I have an iPad and an iPod touch, but I have a Motorola Razr and I’m definitely going to switch to the new iPhone.
Why ? iOS apps, iOS experience, perfect integration of everything, no mess in store, not 10 different app market, no virus In apps, no ads in the middle of the screen while playing angry birds. No creepy apps, no updates issue.
Before thinking of what you don’t have compared to other OS, think of what you have.

If you want to have fun moving widgets all the time, downloading skins, and handling your ram all the time, like I used to do on my phones, switch to android. I had much fun at the beginning, but then the only thing you want is the stock UI. the issue is that android 4.0 is already like a theme, a skin. You won't find this good feeling of everything working well, the feeling you have when every action execute itself naturally. The perfect integration of different services into an app.

Anyway, from my experience of 2 years with android (HTC wildfire, htc desire hd, Motorola Razr), you definitely don’t want to leave iOS.
I'm pretty much into iOS since I got an iPad, and since I stopped the childish customization on my phone, since I realized that an homescreen is an homescreen, and that the most important thing is not the software itself, but the experience you get with apps. Yes android 4.0 is now much more stable, yes there is pretty animation, and yes there is toggles in the "notification center". But that's pretty much it. The apps are still terrible, even if there is more functionalities than on iOS.

Of course iOS isn't perfect. Of course I still can't believe there is no toggles in the notification center. But it still the best os so far. About the widgets, I really think that apple should add widgets, but not give away the API to developers. We don't want a messy skin and widget store. Apple should make the widget them self, and only really useful widgets, like more widgets in the notification center, but tiny one, just for a quicker acces to some stuff. A music widget on the spring board, that perfectly fits with the skin and the os, or an rss feed instead of spotlight (ok bad idea). But something really integrated, thanks to the closed philosophy of apple.

But if in anycase you really would like to customize entirely the phone, (not only the skins, but even the way it works), switch to android. If you can't see how iOS totally wins, switch to android. Android is probably better than iOS for some person, and I have nothing against it at all. But right now, android is far from giving such an inutivite experience and quality apps such as iOS do.

Forgive me for my terrible english, and please, stay polite and don't get to emotional for both of the camps, and if you haven't fully read this, no need to post a comment complaining about what I said or didn't.