Would you pay more money for higher quality streams? If so, how much more?

Since I and many others want to move completely to streaming, it would be nice to get some blu ray quality plus streams out there, so would you pay more for that feature?

Netflix already charges more for access to blu ray discs on top of dvds, same content, just higher quality. Why not do a similar thing for streaming?

I'd probably pay at least another 3-4 dollars for the ability to stream 1080p plus res/quality content.

I have heard objections about bandwidth, but they should still roll out the service, just test peoples bandwidth to be eligible for this service, and only enable it over home broadband through hard wired pipes.

If some people have connections that are too slow, then that will accelerate complaints and demand for higher speed data. I don't see the problem with that, I don't see why the fact that some people don't have the speed to access content means it should not be rolled out at all.