✪Microsoft to release an "iPad killer" at the LA Event

So by now we all should've read the Verge article on Microsoft's sudden and now much-talked about and hyped up press conference in LA on June 18th.

The suspicion is that the event has something to do with Windows 8 RT and not Windows Phone, which is an event two days after. Well according to an "individual with knowledge of the company" Microsoft will actually be releasing an in-house created rival to the reigning iPad.

We know that Microsoft was the first to enter the tablet sphere but it wasn't that successful because the OEM's weren't ready for such a concept and produced sub-par devices. Then we all heard of Microsoft Courier which was always going to be a concept due to the fact that it didn't fit into the company's profile (no mail client etc) and future. So here we are with Microsoft possibly making another attempt at entering the tablet realm with its own created hardware and from what we've seen (Zune HD, Touch Mouse, Keyboards) Microsoft's hardware is pretty darn good.

Of course in the spirit of sensationalism, Mashable spun the article to deem this device as an iPad killer, but we all know that these devices can all co-exist and that the iPad already has an incredible marketshare that won't be overtaken overnight.

Hopefully this device features all of Microsoft's excellent services integrated well and the latest tech to boot, because that would deem it a killer product in its own rights.


Mashable article