Need Advice-Fast Focusing & Good Stabilization $1000

Hi guys,

Need some advice on a new camera investment. My last camera was an F5... so it's been a while. I've been getting by for years with camera phones and Cannon point and shoots (Elphs) since I don't take pictures for money any more (I did catalog photography for our family business for years before we sold it).

I just booked a Disney World trip for my nephews in January 2013 and would like something faster to focus and better stabilized than my iPhone camera to record this trip. They are 6 and 9. They move at the speed of youth and if I'm not quick, I'm not going to get many of the shots. I am nowhere near as stable and quick as I used to be either. I need mechanical and electronic help!

I am fine buying a body and single lens for about a $1000 or less and then picking up a few more lenses later next year for other duties. Quite a few elderly relatives are looking forward to the pictures, so I really want to try to do my best given my limitations.

Can you guys recommend a system to invest in? Will a high end point and shoot focus and stabilize well enough? I really don't want to go to a DSLR size unless I have to but the 4/3 would be OK on size/weight from what I've seen so far.

Thank you for any advice or direction!