Microsoft's most confusing mistake - screenshots

The lack of screenshot facility in Windows touch devices can do nothing but harm the brand, imo.

It absolutely baffles me - why are Microsoft not building in a way to take screenshots on Windows Phones and Windows 8/RT tablets?

In the age of social networking, screenshots are more important than ever before.

How many times do you see screenshots posted on Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc. from iPhones? All the time.

It's a massive marketing tool for Apple. It may seen small, but every time somebody posts a screenshot and it is seen by all their followers it reinforces and boosts the iPhone's brand image and awareness.

People know what iPhones do, what the interface looks like, what the popular apps are etc. without ever touching one.

In many cases consumers buying a smartphone will go for an iPhone because it's the only one they know about (from personal experience with friends). They know about it because they are shown is so regularly.

In Metro Microsoft has the most beautiful and interesting operating system on the market, and there are loads of times I've wanted to show it off. But I'm not allowed.

Windows Phone and Windows 8 demand a considerable learning curve for most consumers. By limiting their exposure to them in this way the 'fear' of change is only going to br greater.

While I'm at it, make screenshots better with a keyboard too. If I press print-screen I want the shot to save, not be forced to go into Paint or other to paste and save.

It may seen small but I really believe screenshots can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool for a mobile OS.