Monday's announcement: Xbox Video and UltraViolet?

I seem to keep spamming everyone else's threads with the same comments, so I thought I might make a thread to contain myself!

I think Monday's announcement might be about Xbox Video and the support of UltraViolet.

I think they will use Windows RT tablets we haven't seen before as a part of the demonstration. Maybe even a Nokia tablet.

Caveat lector... I'm going to go completely over the top here (and I mean completely)... but this is actually possible.

Imagine an Xbox Video service that supported UltraViolet.

What does this mean?

  • Videos purchased via Xbox Video would be a part of your digital locker and you own the digital right to those movies ad infinitum. They aren't locked to Xbox (or Microsoft). They are transferable to any other product or service which supports UltraViolet.
  • DVD's/BluRay's you purchase with a "digital copy" will give you the right to stream that movie.
  • The Xbox 360 could support DVD-to-Digital. i.e. you place a DVD in your Xbox and pay a nominal fee to get access to the digital license. Pay a slightly larger fee and you can unlock that movie in HD.
  • Any of these movies you own the rights to could be streamed to any device supported by Xbox Video.
  • If Microsoft take Xbox Video cross-platform (i.e. Windows, iOS, OSX, Android) that essentially means any device you own.
  • Given the concessions Microsoft would have to make to support this service it's not unlikely that they would get some very favourable content deals from the studios.

Why would this be a big deal?

We already know Windows RT tablets are coming in all shapes and sizes. We know that Microsoft are controlling the hardware requirements and we know that the OEM's can't overload them with crap-ware.

Every Windows RT tablet will already be a Microsoft signature device. With that in mind a Microsoft branded tablet isn't the biggest news.

The Xbox Video service outlined in the points above would be the first genuine competitor to iTunes, and that would make it a very big deal.