Left my yakju with O2 and it came back a yakjuxw

About that headline. I didn't accidentally mash my hand into the keyboard whilst writing it. For those who don't know, Galaxy Nexuses come in two firmware flavours. The highly prized "yakju" version, which receives software updates directly from Google, and everything else, which doesn't. Oh, and O2 is the name of my (british) carrier.

My lovely lovely yakju Gnex developed a hardware fault - the earpiece wasn't working. I took it into the O2 shop and they sent it off for repair. Yesterday I went and picked it up.

Everything works again. Nice.

But once I'd got it home, something wasn't quite right. As I was reconfiguring an app, several levels deep in a settings menu, I noticed a greyed-out option "Use new API. Strongly recommended. Needs Android 4.0.3 or higher".

What? Why is that option unavailable to me? I received the 4.0.4 update weeks ago!

Double checking under "About phone", I saw my Android version listed as 4.0.2. My adrenal gland released a shot of epinephrine. Might heart rate increased. My palms got sweaty. Without a moment's hesitation:

"System updates," I instructed my phone, "Check now"!

"Your system is currently up to date," it responded.

I beg to effing differ.

By now a nagging sense of dread was rising from my bowels, tossing my stomach over and over en route to my chest. There was only one thing for it. I dashed over to the Play Store and re-downloaded the GN Official Update Checker. Opening the app, I saw the one thing I had been dreading:

"The product name of your device is yakjuxw. Thus, your device is NOT updated by Google".

Those words pierced my heart like daggers. Daggers made of letters. Letters of the alphabet.

O2, woe is me!

O2, my carrier, have downgraded the software on my phone, and changed the firmware to stop me upgrading it again. My camera is now back to taking fuzzy pictures 70% of the time, multitasking isn't as speedy, and whatever the new API was that the settings menu recommended so strongly, its benefits are denied to me. Worse still, the yakjuxw Gnex will probably only receive Android updates like Jelly Bean as and when O2 can be bothered to approve them. O2 and Samsung have colluded to make changes to my phone to my material detriment without any permission.

I've not rooted my Galaxy Nexus so far. I haven't really needed to. There is a procedure to reflash a Galaxy Nexus with yakju firmware, but I'm concerned following it will void my warranty. I have emailed O2 to ask how to return the software and firmware on my phone to the state it was in when it was entrusted to them. I await their response.