Changing your LiveID - What a WP pain.

So, I changed my windows live ID today, because I'm losing my school email in may, so I figured I might as well get it done now. There's a few issues with this on windows phone, but no other platform that I've seen so far. No problems on Xbox or Windows 8 RP. Actually, W8 changed the liveID the next time i logged into my laptop, which was just awesome. But, as for windows phone... Every time I opened office, I was prompted to provide liveid info. I would love to enter my new info, but the LiveID box is un-selectable. You can't change it. Frustrating. So, I go into settings>accounts, hoping to remove the old LiveID and add the new one. Unfortunately, the old one cannot be removed. Once you choose it, you're stuck with it, unless you want to reset your phone. I was less than interested in reinstalling all my apps, so I just added the changed LiveID. This led to duplicate entries on the calendar, and still didn't solve my problem in Office. Anyway, I decided that I would just start over completely and reset my phone, as suggested by Microsoft support pages. So, I did that, removed the ATT apps, and started getting things back the way I liked them. I ran into another roadblock when I tried to get twitter up and running again. It never really connected, even though the password and username were correct. I found a solution by deauthorizing the app through the twitter website, then trying to connect again over my phone. Success. So, I hope this is helpful to someone, in case you ever need to change your LiveID, just keep in mind it may be a bit of a pain. It's not like it was an impossible situation to deal with, just 3 hours of my Friday I would rather have back. Cheers team, have a good one.