As a denizen of the internet, you've almost definitely heard of fan fiction. The Wall Street Journal has written a profile on the fan-created genre in light of its latest mainstream popularity in works like Fifty Shades of Grey, a bestselling novel by E.L. James that began as Twilight fan fiction. It's an interesting (and occasionally humorous) read that mentions works from fandoms like Harry Potter, Twilight, Sherlock Holmes, The Hunger Games, Supernatural, My Little Pony, and many others. The article explains subgenres like "crack," "slash," and "AUs" for those unfamiliar with the world, and it also delves into the legal issues behind fan-written literature. Some authors disapprove of fanfics, but others like Ender's Game author Orson Scott Card look at it as free advertising. Card will host a contest this fall, inviting fans to submit their works for a chance to be published as an official part of the series.