Perfect 10/10 Gadgets that You've Owned

As a continuation from the latest Vergecast. What is a perfect 10/10 gadget that you've owned?

Edit: This is not a top 10 list, this is not a gadget that you found to be awesome, this is not even the best gadget that you've used. This is a gadget that you've found no flaws in. As Josh said: "This is perfect and doesn't need to change at all."


  • You have had to of owned it
  • No speculation
  • A gadget (use gadget as a broad term)
  • Could be a 10 at any point in its life
  • A whole experience (ie. not computer parts)
  • Be nice


I just realized that these are all items that have been passed down to me from my father. I think I consider them 10s because they have lasted the best test of all, time. All aspects of time as well. The functionality of it today, the durability, the aesthetics, and other things that come with time. These gadgets all have had heavy use, are fully functional, and extremely useful and eloquent today. Their simplicity and great design has out lasted all other things that I've owned. I have many other gadget that have more "functionality" that I use daily but there are flaws with them and are overly complicated.