Vergecraft Concern

Dear Vergecraft:

I will be quick with this. I was banned from the Vergecraft Minecraft server and I feel that I should be allowed to rejoin because I did not break any of the outlined rules.

I was banned for killing one (1) person, even though the rules (which I can't find now) stated a user would only feel the wrath of the ban hammer after 'multiple killings'. Unless the definition of multiple has changed recently, one murder certainly isn't more than one murder..... I also haven't looted or destroyed a single block from anyone.

I was one of the very first people to join the server. I religiously worked 3-4 hours per day helping build the city from day one for about two and a half weeks. I believe the last day I played was the night we all went to the end to kill the ender dragon.

I helped build the original perimeter walls around the city (they since could have been expanded, I don't know). I helped dig the first community project (remember the 40x40 mine? Anyone?) and I started an apartment system in that mine to give people a free home to stay at while they first started on the server.

I've posted 2 or 3 comments in Vergecraft articles with little response or clarification to my problem. I played within the acceptable rules, so I believe I should be allowed to return the server.

I have since started my own server with some friends, but I still miss the ability to work with the large Vergecraft community. I think I have a lot to offer, in terms of building design and community projects, and I feel that I was unfairly banned. Killing is bad, yes, but I did follow the outlined rules. I would really like to rejoin Vergecraft and work on projects with this great community once again.