Microsoft's Monday announcements: a trip to fantasyland

On Monday, Microsoft is going to announce something. And by most indications, its going to be significant. It may even be a tablet. But my money — or at least my hopes and dreams — are on something else. I think Microsoft is about to unveil a unified entertainment platform that stems across Xbox, Windows 8, and Windows Phone. And I think the first true internet TV service will be at its center.


The Xbox 360 is all about fragmented on-demand content based on a central UI, but what if Microsoft was preparing to anchor it all with its own television service that offers live streaming TV that airs simultaneously with cable and satellite? According to a report from Reuters, Microsoft was actively developing that concept until negotiations allegedly came to a halt in January. Apple, by all indications, is planning on launching a similar service with its rumored iTV, and let's be honest, traditional broadcast methods are going south fast.

Microsoft knows it can't beat the iPhone and the iPad, but it's also knows that owning the living room is the next frontier, and it already has a commanding lead. This could be the moment where Microsoft takes things to another level. An entertainment experience that provides live streaming programming that is accessible from your Xbox, Windows Phone, or Windows tablet or PC and is bound by one ubiquitous UI would be a tremendous thing indeed. And who knows, maybe a tablet is in the works, but what if it is simply a vessel designed purely for the purpose of consuming this new entertainment platform? What if it is simply the premier way to access this robust new experience? Wouldn't that be incredible?

Yes, of course it would. But maybe I'm just galavanting through Microsoft product fantasyland and all we're about to see are some Windows RT tablets. What a sad day Monday will be.

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