Back to Sprint

So today I went back to sprint after being on Verizon for little over 7 months. I used to have sprint before so I got a pretty good deal this time around. I got the EVO 4G LTE, despite not having LTE at the moment. I don't care. Sprints 3G is ok here, but it will be worth the wait. I got a screen anfd back protecter as well as a charging dock that also syncs and hooks up the phone to a Tv via HDMI. Plus a case. Over all I like the phone. Traded in the old rezound and got a $145 credit that I put towards the accessories.

Now that I've seen sense 4 in person and getting to go deep in, I have top say I really like it more ever then I have before. Stock is nice, but hTc did a nice job on this.

Great thing is I'll be saving $20-$25 a month with my employer discount. (my employer has discounts on a number of cell phone providers, sprint being 20%)