Linus Torvalds isn't someone you'd accuse of excessive diplomacy and his answer to a question about Nvidia's lack of support for Linux with its Optimus technology has been far from compromising. When posed with that query during a Q&A session at Aalto University in Finland, Torvalds begins by identifying Nvidia as "the single worst company we've ever dealt with" and goes on to give his assessment of its actions with a resolute "fuck you" and an accompanying middle finger gesture to the camera.

The frustrated user of an Optimus laptop says that she finally got full support for her machine via a GitHub project that's been working decently well, but Linus evidently shares her annoyance at Nvidia's unwillingness to support the open source OS. He's particularly incensed by the fact Nvidia's Tegra line of ARM chips is selling so well because of Android, a mobile OS that has its roots in Linux. While Torvalds believes there's little we can do to influence Nvidia's decision making, he does see a silver lining in the fact that its attitude is "the exception rather than the rule."

Fast-forward to 49:30 in the video below for Linus' uncensored answer, though if you want to get a true picture of his perspective on hardware support and all other issues concerning open source development, you'd do well to watch the entire talk.