Reinventing Television.. Xbox Live TV

Xbox is slowly becoming a dominant digital entertainment platform. They started with games moved to digital game distribution now to music, books and they should look at reinventing the television experience.

As of right now Television packages are pretty expensive 60 to 100$ a month. The User Interface are difficult to use and not all television feeds are accessible via mobile devices.

Microsoft needs to make the Television experience affordable, easier and accessible and they have a perfect opportunity to do that with Xbox Live brand

To make the service affordable Microsoft should partner with a Television Service Provider such as Comcast or TELUS (Canadian) instead of partnering with Television networks directly. Microsoft and the Service Provider should focus on building a basic bundle which contains popular networks such as ESPN, Disney, CNN etc.

The goal is to keep the monthly subscriptions as low as possible. If Microsoft can manage an additional 20$ for Live TV they can potentially have a game changer. Microsoft can cut costs down by sharing profits when it comes to

  • 1. Profits from Skydrive additional storage purchases
  • 2. Profits from Marketsplace for select networks
  • 3. Profits from adding additional streams to the service (Default 2 streams)

With the Metro Design language Microsoft can easily develop a more user friendly featured rich interface. Xbox Live TV should be jam packed with features some features include

  • Access, record and manage content directly on the Xbox Live dashboard or Microsoft Account
  • Updated interface which displays detailed show information, TV schedules, Live Event Notifications and Social Network add-ons
  • Record content directly to the Xbox 360 hard drive
  • Multiple ways to navigate with Kinect, Smart Glass, Bing Search, Bing with TellMe natural speech recognition

Xbox Live should pave the way it's a great introduction to the Microsoft ecosystem. Windows users will have exclusive Xbox TV features such as

  • Record, manage and access content to Skydrive
  • Direct access to the Microsoft Marketplace
  • Bing Speech (TellMe) support for Windows 8, RT and Phone
  • Bing Vision augmented reality support for Windows RT and Phone
  • Ability to pin favourite shows to your start screen
  • Windows Live Calendar integration

Xbox Live TV should be accessible on a wide variety of non Windows devices.

  • Support for iOS, Android and Blackberry
  • Support for future Smart TV's
  • Support for web browsers

This is how I vision Xbox Live TV. Television should be simple, affordable and accessible. If Microsoft can get the costs an the manage down it can easily be the number 1 television service in the nation.

What do you guys think. Do you think MS should partner up with Television networks directly or should they work together with service providers to provide affordable television bundles?