Computer Timeline

Saw a thread about Phone timeline on The Verge front page thought hey... how about a computer timeline. Here goes:

IBM PC 486 - Kid to age 11 (approx)

OS: DOS (Yes Really DOS lol)

RAM: I think about 1MB

HD: I think about 40 MB


11 yrs old

Gazelle Computer - No idea on specs... I was 11. I bearly remember last week lol

Processor: Pentium 2 I believe

RAM: 512 MB I believe

About 15 years old

HP Computer - No idea on specs... lol

About 19 years old

HP laptop- No idea on Specs... I remember the HP computers I had were crap and i didn't take care of em.

About 21 years old

Acer Laptop (Refurb)

Processor : Dual Core Intel Core 2 Duo (I Believe)

This laptop always had issues with a corrupt and failing HDD. I think the logic board was also screwed up. It had also a bad BIOS/

About 26 years old

Dell XP Tower - 2.66 Quad Core i5, 6GB Ram, 1 GB GeForce 220

22inch HD Screen (Dell... HD... LOL - It was crap)

(Looks Like This)


The Dell Tower was the first tower I put money into (retailed for like 1100) but thanks to sites like Retail Me Not & others I got it with a 25% discount. So all in all about 900 something with tax and shipping. The computer had issues a few months after using. Youtube stopped working ... had to reinstall drivers, flash, etc. still didn't want to work properly. Bloatware sucked, had some random shut downs, had BSOD a few times, and it froze a number of times. This was within 6 months of owning it. lol

About 26 years old. 8 or so months later I got rid of The Dell. I had been visiting A few Apple Store... was very interested in Mac and see what else was out there. Shortly after... bought a iMac 27" (Late 2009)


2+ years later I LOVE my iMac. FAST, RESPONSIVE & NO PROBLEMS. Everything just works. No slow downs, no dis defrag, no virus scan, no malware scan, etc. Just use the computer :). From now on I only buy Mac.

And I can tell you that after 20 years of using Windows. I would NEVER buy another PC. EVER. lol And if you must buy a PC put linux on it rather than windows lol