iPhone Timeline

Saw the phone timeline for Android thought hey I wanna see what Apple fans have and had.



2000 - Some Crappy phone so bad I don't even remember who made it lol

2004 - A Nokia I think lol again not worth remembering

2006 - Wife bought me a Nokia flip phone - don't remember the model number... did take VGA pictures though lol.


( Looked something like this)

That phone got lost or destroyed in 2008

The Move to a REAL PHONE

June / Jul 2009 - iPhone 3G :)


I still have this phone - and it still works - IN PRISTINE Condition (Thanks to a great case - Incipio Scryllic)

I remember when first using this phone. It felt just like a computer. It changed my life. Not to sound corny but it did. I used to go out with the Mrs. and kinda rush her out of the mall, dinner, etc. just to get home. Either to go on the computer or just use the net. After I didn't need to. I had a full computer that let me get FULL websites, check email, and play TONS of apps. So instead of rushing home... we spent more time together hanging out. Also The Maps directions really saved my arse SO MANY times I lost count lol.

Oct 2010 - iPhone 4


So I got the iPhone 4 a little over a year after I got The iPhone 4. I bought my wife a iPhone for her Bday and was constantly wanting to use it. Was much faster, had better camera, oh and most important... RETINA DISPLAY. So after my constant panting lol my wife got it for me as part of a anniversary gift. The Retina display ... Lovin it everyday. The Camera is also a major feature I love. Its almost as good as my point and shoot. And The video 720p recording was better than the point n shoot lol. Also I loved the build quality.

April 2012 - iPhone 4S


So I picked up The 4S, because my wife cracked her iPhone 4 screen. And she knows how much I love technology so she let me get The 4S with her upgrade - Be Sure to get one of them... there amazing LOL. So with her upgrade I got The 4S. Let me tell you this is a super phone of this age. Between Siri, 8MP CAMERA (INCREDIBLE PICTURES.... 1080p VIDEO quality is SICK) and yes I do notice a speed bump between The 4 and 4S. The 4S is ALOT faster. Feels more powerful. I wouldn't trade this phone in for any other. Its the best in my opinion. And yes I did take a look at android phones but they don't compare in my opinion to iPhone. Between fragmentation, bad build quality (HTC is making better quality phones ... The One series looks good), and Security issues (malware on App Store)... android is leaps behind in my opinion. Thats just my opinion ... please don't flame me out lol

Anyway. I love my iPhone. Changed my life.