General ergonmics of products

This is a kind of out of interest post, seeing what other people think, if you will.

I generally use a Galaxy S2 as my main phone, I have a new iPad, and I use a MBP for my daily work. Oh and a regular PC desktop for occasional gaming. I hate to have to even state it, but I'm not particularly a fanboy of anything, I like technology full stop.

Anyway. So today I was doing some development and testing across a bunch of mobile devices. I was testing on my S2, a Nexus, and the iPhone 4S. I've never reaaaaallly used an iPhone 4, I played with the original and the 3GS and found them to be really pleasant to hold. I guess maybe I've got big hands, but not particularly, however the thing that bugged me the most was the way the edge would cut in to my finger.

I hold the phone in my right hand, with my little finger as like a rest / fleshy stand on the bottom of it, I don't know if maybe I'm weird like that but yeah. It kind hurt after a while, I actually considered taking some wet/dry to it to round it off a touch haha (don't worry I'm not that crazy). Does anybody else get this...?

Also my MBP constantly cuts in to my wrists. Again, does anybody else get this or do I just use products weirdly?

The iPad is a dream to hold though!

Not after anything insightful here, it was just bugging me and I thought surely other people must find the iPhone uncomfortable to use..?

Hopefully the next iPhone will address this, as I'm not a fan of the super hard edges.