Best Wireless Webcam for Home Security?

I want to create a simple wireless webcam solution for remotely monitoring my parents' summer cottage. Ideally, we would be able to view the video from both windows/mac computers plus iphone and android phones.

What is the best wireless webcam to buy for this purpose? What software would be best to capture an image/short video of movement and send a notification via email?


I found this article on PC world which seems to be a satisfactory starting point, but I value the input of Verge readers more highly. The reviews of the the D-Link DCS-932L are mixed and the newer DCS-942L introduces new compromises in both software compatibility and build/hinge quality.

I'd like to position it to cover the driveway/front door area which would be lighted by a flood light. Nearby trees often blow in the wind. Deer, foxes and other animals also have been known to frequent the area.

Hopefully we won't need to identify intruders but it would be cool to observe the movements of the local animals when we are not around both at night and during the day.

Any advice would be much appreciated.