As part of its announcement of the Microsoft Surface tablet, the company just revealed that the Surface Touch Cover will contain an integrated multitouch keyboard and trackpad. As Steven Sinofsky said when introducing the product, "typing is twice as efficient as typing on glass." The cover itself only adds 3mm to the Surface's thickness, and also unsurprisingly attaches to the Surface with a magnetic connector. Perhaps most notably, the Touch Cover uses pressure-sensitive technology which "senses keystrokes as gestures," which Microsoft claims will make for a faster typing experience.

There's no word yet on whether this accessory will be an additional, optional purchase or whether Microsoft will bundle it in with the Surface tablet, but we expect we'll find out more about pricing and availability soon. For those who love to accessorize, it looks like the Touch Cover will come in five colors. And if you're the type who prefers hard, clicky keys rather than a touch-sensitive keyboard, don't worry — Microsoft has you covered there with its Type Cover.