Surface: was it worth aggravating OEMs?

I have to say Surface looks awesome.

However, this is the kind of device I imagined would appear when Windows 8 was announced over a year ago.

With that in mind, I'm not sure if Surface changes the Windows 8 story.

In other words, Windows 8 looked awesome before... and it still looks awesome (although now Microsoft has a branded tablet). If Surface never existed I still think the OEM's would have brought similar devices to market.

I guess we'll know more after the launch of Windows 8.

So Tribe, do you think Surface was worth aggravating the OEMs?


So the consensus seems to be that yes, Surface was worth it. I have to say you've won me over!

Surface could actually end up being very positive for the OEMs in that it strengthens the overall Windows 8 tablet market.

OEMs are far better off with a consumer buying into the Windows 8 platform than, for example, going to Apple. Even if they purchase a competitor’s product.

At least with consumer still in the Windows ecosystem the OEM's have the potential of a future sale. If the consumer goes with Apple, the Windows OEMs have lost them entirely.