This is definitely the right direction..

Nintendo is one of the companies I respect the most. The reason why I respect them so much is they take gimmicks like motion control and 3D and make a game that really showcases those gimmicks for example,

  • Super Mario Galaxy really showcases how to implement motion controls in a game
  • Super Mario Land 3D showcases how 3D can enhance the game play experience

Nintendo takes their gimmicks and paves the way for 3rd party developers. They show them a complete product (like a blueprint) on how to use these gimmicks to present a unique product.

From what I can see Microsoft is slowly starting to do this with the Microsoft Surface. Before I go there I want to quickly mention other Microsoft 1st party hardware.

  • Zune HD was a fantastic piece of hardware it introduced the slick Metro Interface the problem with Zune HD is that it wasn't global, bad marketing and it had a lack lustre Ecosystem that couldn't compete with the iPOD
  • Xbox 360 the first generation was garbage but the SLIM is built to last. Microsoft really improved their first party hardware and the 360 slim shows it.

Now with the Surface Microsoft is clearly showing all OEM's on how to make and present their Operating System/Ecosystem. The Surface is the blue print of what other Windows OEM's should follow whether they make it better or they make a cheaper alternative.

Before OEM's were copying Apple designs for example HP with the Macbook Pro Envy Line. Now instead of being copycats OEM's can take what MS releases and make it better this is a great thing for the Windows ecosystem.

Not does it introduce a wide variety of new handsets it also raises awareness of the platform. Think about Applications with the introduction of Surface and the release of Windows 8 think about how many Applications will be available in the Windows Marketplace in the next year or so.

Even if you look at Windows Phone with the low marketshare it almost reached 100 000 apps within the first 2 years with less than 5% marketshare and remember the Lumia brand is only 6 months old.

With the rise of Surface, more RT tablets, Windows 8 PC's, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox 720 next year you can expect the applications to excel even further than what Apple and Android have to offer. Of course this is all depends on execution but the building blocks are there.

I just wanted to share my point of view and can't wait for Windows Phone 8 debut on Wednesday. Do you guys agree or disagree should Microsoft pave the way for OEM's by designing 1st party hardware for OEM's to follow?

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