Will you switch to Windows 8?

I mean, are you ready to give up your Windows 7 Desktop for Windows 8?

1. Design


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I think Windows 8 is a great tablet OS, but I just can't see it work with my mouse. Windows 8 got rid off everything I loved about Windows.

-The Desktop


-The Start Menu

-Folders and icons

-Tab bar for fast multi-tasking and preview

I can reach everything with a few mouse clicks while the Windows 8 Metro environment gives me the feeling that I would have to search and hell horizontally scroll to do something that took me a second in Windows 7.

2. Usability

I think there are two kinds of people in the gadget world.

1. The ones who love widgets and icons filling the screen and

2. The ones who love to stare at a clean desktop.

I'm #2 and I feel Windows 8 is forcing us accept #1. What if your photos aren't that beautiful? What if you don't have Twitter or heck Facebook? What if you don't give a damn about the weather?


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3. Control

One last thing: I feel that Windows 8 is another step towards less control for the user. Our powers have been reduced with each Windows since 2000 Professional for the sake of making it simple.

Will you switch to Windows 8 when it is released or are you staying on Windows 7 until your rig dies and Windows 9 shows up?