Microsoft Senzu bean : The Renewed Goku?

For some people, Microsoft is seen as the good guy, as a company they could never "give up cheering for", no matter what the situation. I've taken this, and applied a DragonBall Z theme for todays announcement of the Microsoft Surface tablet :-)

Having long been beaten by Frieza (Apple) and Cell (Android), our poor hero Goku (Microsoft) has been in a terrible state.


Heavily beaten, former monopoly status of no use, being smacked around by both the sleek, white, "integrated" product Frieza....


...and the more "open", constantly surging android Cell, who absorbs each failure to become all the stronger.....


Things have been damn grim for our hero, Goku alright. While Frieza (Apple) started off fairly well formed, and continued to further refine,Android in particular has undergone radical transformations - from HIDEOUS larval form:



Imperfect Cell taking on a more familiar shape, a suggestion of things to come....


before learning from (and absorbing) previous mistakes at an incredible rate of evolution - Super Perfect Cell!




Our Hero faces a seemingly suicidal journey against two incredibly powerful villains, Frieza and Cell


Having been down and out this past half decade

"Microsoft hasn’t been hip since Windows XP. Windows 7 barely makes up for Windows Vista. The fate of Windows Mobile rests on a struggling Finnish company. The Zune was never loved. Bing is a clone. No one uses Hotmail. I still don’t exactly know the benefit of Windows Live. The company’s lone shinning [sic] star is a 7-year old game system. Microsoft has been just surviving over the last decade. As much as Windows itself needs a killer device like the Surface, Microsoft the company needs a desperate shot of credibility."

Techcrunch "Will The Microsoft Surface Tablet Redefine Mobile Computing

With your arch enemy, destroyer of worlds stronger than ever before you, selling tens of millions of units while you're yet to beat the deadly Android Heart Virus and return to the arena

"Let's be clear: the new iPad is in a class by itself, just as its predecessor was. As the latest product in a lineage of devices that defined this category, the iPad continues to stand head and shoulders above the competition. With the addition of the Retina display, LTE, more memory, and a more powerful processor, Apple has absolutely held onto the iPad's market position as the dominant player and product to beat


if you're in the market for your first tablet, or upgrading from the original iPad or an Android device, do not hesitate. The new iPad is the most functional, usable, and beautiful tablet that any company has ever produced. "

The Verge iPad (2012) Review

"... Android and Windows Phone device makers will certainly be scratching their heads trying to figure out how to best what Apple is offering.

For this review, I returned to the iPhone after a fairly long period of using and testing other devices. Spending a week with Apple's newest phone, I'm reminded again of just what makes the company's products so special. It's not specs, services, or apps. This phone is not perfect. Certainly it can be improved. But there is something here, beyond the screen and CPU, beyond iCloud, something under the surface. Some intangible spark.

Is this the best phone ever made? That's debatable. But I can tell you this: the iPhone 4S is pretty damn cool."

The Verge iPhone 4S Review

"Regardless of your feelings towards Apple generally or the new generation MacBook Pro with Retina display specifically, it’s more or less a certainty that laptops all over are about to make a strong push for high-resolution displays. And that’s good for everyone involved — not only does it drive a hardware industry forward, but hopefully it pushes software developers, too. The more high-resolution screens on the market, the more websites and applications that will be optimized for it."

The Verge Retina Macbook Pro Review

"And that’s where the Air finally breaks through — for under $1,300 it’s cheaper than most high-end Windows 7 ultraportables while beating them on the two things that matter the most: battery life and ergonomics. One thing is clear: you can no longer write off the Air as merely a status symbol or secondary system. This is a grown-up laptop with the kind of horsepower and battery life that will make a lot of users very happy. And yes, it still fits in a manila envelope."

The Verge MacBook Air Review


A steep challenge ahead indeed.

Now with Windows 8 (RT for ARM, x86), on a similarly vertically integrated metal and glass tablet, has Goku finally woken up, stronger than ever due to Saiyan DNA? Find out on the next episode of Tech Industry Post PC! :-)

"The Renewed Goku"?

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