Surface: It's a tablet, it's a desktop, but it's not a laptop.

Ok, so: The surface was announced and all that. As part of Microsoft's claims of "No compromise", it can be your everything device. Except there's one use case I'm just not quite seeing: Using it like a laptop. On your lap.



Now, don't get me wrong - you COULD use it like a laptop. There's nothing stopping you from propping that kickstand on your legs and hoping for the best - I'm just not seeing that being a particularly good option.

I know plenty of people with keyboard cases for their iPads which essentially convert them into laptops - as janky and hokey as they tend to be they do seem to work at least well enough that the person will put up with them. I'm not seeing that working here however.

So, my question: Do you think this will be a dealbreaker for people? Do you think people who need a dedicated keyboard will be using their tablets in such a way and will prefer an iPad-keyboard-case or Tablet-with-keyboard-dock solution, or do you think it won't be an issue?