Disruption: I Want Microsoft Branded Hardware


It's about time someone decided to "disrupt" things and I'm happy that Microsoft of all companies decided to do it.

I've had discussions with people about how PC makers like Dell, HP etc aren't doing enough to innovate. They seem more content on the status quo and doing the same things day by day. The iPad came in and changed things. You would think this could make actually spark some competition or some innovation from PC makers but it didn't. One can argue that Windows 7 was not the answer because it was in no way shape or form ready to be a "touch" OS.

But what about Android? Google actually made somewhat of a good alternative as far as a "touch" OS. But everybody botched it up. They messed up everything from high prices to focusing on hardware specs (You can't just throw technical jargons at average consumers). Even Google can get some of the blame because it just laid back and watched without offering up any guidance as far as baseline requirements.


All the while, Apple just laid back and raked in massive profits because the competition was just throwing stuff at the wall to see what stuck.

I'm big on competition. I like to see companies duke it out for the money in my wallet. Apple stood out and actually make me pay for the iPad 2 because the alternative was not even close.

Where did Microsoft come from with this "Surface"?


I've always dreamed of Microsoft producing their own hardware. It's tough for a software company who sells the operating system to it's partners to produce hardware on it's own because you don't want to piss off your partners. But what if your partners suck at making good products that take advantage of your software?

Apple does it well. They make their own hardware which fits well with the software they produce. It's not that hard to see.

I'm happy Microsoft brought out Surface. I'm glad they produced their own tablet. I have no sympathy for OEMs because they've been botching it up and just letting Apple slide.

The closest competition Apple faces today is Samsung. Say what you want about Samsung ripping Apple or whatever but that doesn't take away the fact that Samsung actually produces good hardware and good enough software.


Hardware from Microsoft is actually pretty good. The Arc mouse looks really good. The Zune HD was actually a really good device although it arrived late to the game. The Xbox is a major player. There has also been misses: The Kin and original Zune player

But overall, Microsoft makes some great hardware.

I'm dreaming of more disruption. A Microsoft branded phone? A Microsoft branded laptop/PC?

Logistics with partners are all over the place but if the OEMs can't take a hint from Apple to make better products, will they finally see the signs when the company making the software actually makes better hardware than they do?

It's exciting. It's interesting. It's something new. Microsoft has made a lot of heads turn. Is that a good thing? I hope so. It may be chaotic. But that's what disruption does.

Let's just hope Microsoft gets it right with pricing.