Recently when looking at some of the tablet reviews e.g. the toshiba excite range, I noticed that one of the bad points for the tablet was that there weren't enough good tablet apps. Is this really a bad point about the tablet?

I do agree with some instances of this for example Sony's delay of ICS which could be put down as a bad point - outdated operating system.

I know in some ways this can't be done because of the amount of different android things like sense and touchwiz. This is just, effectively a theme though so I suppose it doesn't count as the OS.

It is partly Toshiba's fault as they could have followed Samsung's lead when they brought flipboard to android (Galaxy S3). An example of an app they could have taken was sparrow (maybe even replacing their stock mail app with it).

There are a limited amount of good, useful apps that could be easily ported between devices - because of whether the publisher/writer allows you to do that - they could have chosen to bring a decent game over.

iOS6 will have flaws on the latest device but will it be the new iPhone - hand blocking signal on the iPhone 4 - or the operating system - the battery life on iOS 5.

Key lime pie could also be good on the new nexus device, but will sense and/or touchwiz ruin some of the greatest features. One X vs Galaxy Nexus, on the theme the Nexus kept to the OS so they would win, for the features the One X. Looking at this maybe rom reviews on android will be better?

To conclude is sense ruining a great operating system, and can you fault a great piece of hardware because of the limits of it's operating system.