Apple TV My Dream



Recently i have become very interested in the apple tv. I own an iphone 4 and a new ipad. So I have been thinking of buying an apple tv better integrate myself in the apple ecosystem. Then i made a chart listing the pros and cons. After reviewing the list, I have come up with the reasons why anyone should get an apple tv. For me the apple tv can become my next console and media center.


The apple tv to me has the potential to become a console through it's ability to airplay. Either mirroring or airplaying content to your apple can be very useful at times. Mirroring shows exactly what's on your ipad screen on your tv through the apple tv. Mirroring can help by allowing you to play anything that's on your ipad on your apple tv. This is very good but where i am more interested is apps that change the interaction your iphone or ipad has when it airplays. For example the incident with it's airplay support. It works perfectly and looks like an enjoyable experience.

The Incident 1.3 on my TV (via nevenmrgan)

The possibilities are endless if more apps continue to support airplay and evolve.

Media Center:

The apple tv is a perfect media center because it connects to most services and is directly linked to your itunes account. The apple tv has a variety of services from hulu plus to netflix. I am a netflix guy so this will be perfect for me to watch all the movies I have available. Plus if there are any movies not available on netflix i can always rent a movie from the itunes store for 99 cents. Itunes is the biggest media service available. I can even stream music from my library to the apple tv, or even airplay it from my ios devices.

With all this I would like to say that I am picking up an apple tv this thursday and I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on how they use their apple tv. Or if anyone had any issues with the products. Any bugs or any places you think apple could improve on.