Is the verge really completely open-minded? (update)

Update: I might have overreacted. Aaron Souppouris thankfully raised some fair points, and now I wish I hadn't even written this.

Original post:
Okay I know this is a sensitive topic. I'm gonna try to ask this as unflamentory (is this the right word?) as possible.
I like Microsoft ever since I was little. Many journalists of the verge grew up with a mac, I grew up first with a dos machine, later windows 3.1 and so on. The startup sequence of a PC always meant for me to have lots of fun. I think that led to a very positive image that I associate with Microsoft. Still I don't think I'm a fanboy. I can see the problems of WP, and definitely felt the reactions to the Lumia reviews were totally uncalled-for. I think generally the the verge coverage of any tech-firm is very unbiased.

However, in the coverage of the Surface Microsoft event, I felt there was some kind of negative vibe towards Microsoft. Apple was mentioned several times in the liveblog. Well off course they are gonna compare, but if a firm makes a good marketing video, I question if you have to mention that it is Apple-like. Apple wasn't the first company to make good marketing movies. For me it's as annoying as when company x brings a new product to the market and the first comment is about how company y is way better to start a flamewar. It just annoys me. Also if you make comparisons like that Microsoft (or any company) can never succeed. If they make a good video it's too Apple-like, if they make a bad one it's gonna get laughed at.

In addition to that, the whole coverage had this "Microsoft is making bad stuff and it is surprising that this not just totally blows" vibe. Take for example this quote from the start of the hands-on:
"We just had our hands on the sleek new device, and we must say — it does feel incredibly well designed."
Why do you "must" say that? This is as if you were coming from the stance that you thought this product would blow. And now you have to agree against your generally opinion that it is good.

What stood out to me as well was the recent coverage of the android device that had a battery live of 2 to 3 days with generally good performance. It think this really got not the attention it deserved.
Think of a scenario where Apple introduced such batterylive on the next iPhone. Journalists would think of it as the second coming of Christ.

Of course this is just my opinion, but maybe there is a little truth in it. I think nobody can be completely unbiased. But I think you could maybe try even harder on being more open-minded.
So what do you think? Am I unreasonable? Biased? Or do you agree?

P.s.: I love the verge, the podcast, the team. I'm a huge fan of Josh. I would read the verge even if it was just an apple-blog ;)