Developer Tom Taylor is putting an interesting spin on the live wallpaper concept, turning your humble desktop into a bird's-eye view of your current surroundings. Satellite Eyes uses map data from Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap, but your desktop choices aren't limited to a simple satellite photo; you can spice things up with Stamen’s "watercolor" (pictured above), "toner," and (only in the US) "terrain" map styles. You can even go a step further with halftone (pictured below) and pixellation effects, giving you a dozen possible skins to choose from. If you have a dual monitor setup, the map stretches across both screens instead of duplicating the same image, and the zoom level is adjustable — from a view of your street all the way up to your geographic region. If you'd like to take your own look, the app is a free download from Taylor's website.