The ONE concern Ari Emanuel raised that gives me pause...

Cost. I want content producers to open up access to their content just like the next guy, but the idea that going to the brave new content distribution world would mean radically reduced revenues and profits gets me worried. I get worried because if it's true that a certain popular show costs a few million dollars an episode, and people love it, but the newer business models do not generate enough revenue to support that kind of content... the result is that we don't get that kind of content made.

That is the worst of all possible worlds. A good tv series is so much better than a good movie, because it's LONGER. It's the motion picture version of a novel, I think of my favorite series like Bbylon 5, star trek tng, stargate sg1, merlin, and wonder whether they could/can sustain themselves in the new distribution models people want?

If the answer is no, then what are we going to do? Do we really just have to suck it up and pay for oceans of content we don't want to subsidize the content we do want?

If so fine, but at least give us a netflix/hulu on steroids, raise the cost, but vastly expand the content and reduce the delays to access content.

For tv shows, stuff needs to be posted the NIGHT OF, not the next day, that is useless, you may as well tell people to pirate.