Since we launched our Minecraft server back in March, our events have mostly been tame and dance party-related — but that's all about to change. Tonight we'll be opening the server to everyone who has a copy of Minecraft and the nerve to face a world besieged by legions of powerful Ender Dragons and other deadly monsters. We'll be providing you with basic equipment for the challenge, so even if you're not a Minecraft expert, you should be able to join in the fun — but be warned that this will be very challenging.

Even if you're able to repel the invaders with your allies, you'll be met with an even deadlier challenge: to ascend an evil tower dungeon that puts Saurman's black obelisk to shame. Then, after successfully navigating the dungeon's devious traps and murderous inhabitants, you'll face off against a fearsome final boss in the void of Minecraft's vast End.

Here's what you need to join the raid:

  1. A paid registration of Minecraft.
  2. The most recent copy of the game or the in-browser version (both require Java).

Once you have all those component parts, open up Minecraft, log-in, and then add The Verge's server info under the multiplayer option.

Vergecraft server info:

Once you're in the server, listen up for helpful information from Vergecraft veterans, who will be leading the charge against invaders.