Galaxy S III initial hands-on

  • really light touch-wiz
with only a few things such as the colors of icons, the design of app drawer, etc. remain touch-wiz-like, the rest is very much ICS.
  • no consistent "search" widget on every screen
maybe it's not something everyone needs, but I find having the search box consistently fixed on every screen helpful at times.
  • same background for the app/widget drawer as for desktop
I like the black background for the app drawer. It doesn't get tiring. but it's nice to have an option.
  • "task manager" & "remove all" are very helpful in recent apps'
I find this really helpful. I hate removing one by one when there's over a dozen of them.
  • still don't quite like physical button after using galaxy nexus
what can I say, physical buttons got a little old after ICS put them in the software.
  • pic-in-pic isn't utilized on a 4.8-inch screen. I imagine it would be a great feature and more utilized on a larger screen, such as a tablet.
I'm curious to know how many people would actually find this feature helpful.
  • with the built-in menu button in ics, the capacitive menu key is a little redundant.
although I do want to point out that the capacitive menu key is much easier to reach than many software menu keys that are located at the top corners, which by the way is another problem with the software menu keys-their location is inconsistent, a little reflection on the now much better but still-a-problem android fragmentation.
  • really fast camera shots
  • toggles in the pull-down menu is helpful, and it's a feature I sincerely hope that Google would implement in the next stock Android, assuming Samsung let them do it.
  • and please don't make bigger phones. let's not make the Note a standard. because if we did, it'll be a horrible one. 4.8" is big enough.

That's what I have so far. Please feel free to add anything you want.