Ballmervision: what panel is he rocking?

So when I saw Windows 8 dev prev, I thought "Maaaaaaaan, this will make for a sweet wallmount touch PC". And then I kind of forgot about it - as I'm not a great beta guy, I like to check out finished stuff so I'm not wasting my time.

Fast forward a little and I've been immersed in more detailed plans and actual going-ahead of the overhauling of my own home theater setup, and I've been looking at large TV's for my study/hermit area as well as other rooms. And by large, I mean the 65" Viera is the smallest thing I've been looking at for the study..

And the recent mention of Ballmer's big-ass screen brought the idea back and I want to know what he's running. i.e. is it merely a giant 1080p screen or is it something with some usable-at-close-quarter pixel density?

Anyone know? Have recommendations?