My Escapade with Windows Phone (via Jailbreaking)

Last week, Absinthe 2.0 was released that allowed one to jailbreak all iOS devices running 5.1.1 (and that version only.) I haven't jailbroken in a while. The first and only time I did, was on a second generation iPod touch running iOS 4. The primarily reason for jailbreaking, on that occasion, was to get the blasted battery percentage indicator, which Apple, to this day, does not include for some baffling reason on iPod touches. I have a lot of time on my hands. (Well, actually, I have three months, school's out and I'm on vacation!) So, I decided to jailbreak my 4th-generation iPod touch (8 GB, in white, obviously.) My primary reason for doing so was Zephyr, though that didn't turn out so well... Then, I came across Dreamboard. I remember that one of the people I follow on Twitter had an awesome Windows Phone 7 skin on his iPhone. At the time, I learned that it was called OS7: Revive. Being a lover of Windows Phone and as I was extremely bored with the UI of iOS, I installed OS7: Revive. (Note: OS7: Revive builds on and is more complete, as well as receives updates, than the original skin: OS7.) The process was rather straightforward:

  1. Jailbreak using Absinthe 2.0. Follow the instructions, which are dead simple. (Pro-tip: do not do Step 2. I was able to jailbreak without doing so.)
  2. Download Dreamboard on Cydia. Then, download find OS7: Revive.
  3. Done.

There you have it! Windows Phone on your iOS device. For a day or two, this is where I stopped. However, two days ago, after being unsatisfied with the non-flat tiles, which just use the icon of the app, and discovering a mods thread, I decided to go further. This instructions are slightly more complex.

  1. Download iExplorer (Mac app) and AFC2add (from Cydia.) These two programs allow access to the file system on your iOS device.
  2. In iExplorer, go to settings and check "Allow access to real root."
  3. On the mods thread find a set of icons you like and download them. (This set of icons do very nicely.)
  4. The downloaded files should be called something like Drag all of these files to Root/private/var/mobile/Library/OS7/Tiles.
  5. The respring.

Doing this will give all the apps, that have custom tiles, that you pin to your Start screen flat icons/tiles (just like on Windows Phone.) If you want to make it super Windows Phone-esque you will change the MiniTiles that appear on the long app list.

  1. Download a set of MiniTiles from a different mods thread (here.) Go through each folder downloaded and copy and paste to the corresponding Root/private/var/mobile/Library/OS7/Tiles/ folder, a file called MiniTiles.PNG.


I am extremely enjoying this skin and am currently using it as my daily driver. I have found that it is stable enough. Would, I actually want a Windows Phone, though? Surprisingly the answer would be no. Windows Phone does not have the apps I truly need. I cannot live without Instapaper or Instagram (hipster at heart.) I find that OS7: Revive provides a balance to this: the UI and apps.

There you have it! An extreme authentic Windows Phone-esque theme for your iOS device. Please ask any questions you have below in the comments and I will do my best to guide you through the process. In total, it took me four days to get to this point. I hope it will take you much faster.

Cross posted from, as I actually wanted some feedback and comments. More photos are here (gallery towards bottom of page.)