How Apple should fix iTunes (with images)

So you've probably heard people complaining about how "bloated", and slow iTunes has become. It's gotten pretty popular to hate on iTunes, just like it's cool to hate on Beats by Dr. Dre, or say, Justin Bieber. (She's a sweet young girl, let her be).

People hate on it simply for the sake of hating and keep on regurgitate the same old cliches of how "Apple should make iTunes faster so my computer doesn't crash every time I open it!!!".

So while these comments often are generic poorly thought out complaints, there is a valid point to this - iTunes is getting bloated, and yes it is slow. (But it's not as horrible as some commenters will make you believe).

So, how should Apple fix this? Well, since people are saying iTunes has been getting bloated due to Apple tacking on features during the last ten years or so, let's go back to the beginning! Let's take a look at iTunes 1.0, compare it to iTunes 10, and se what features get to stay.

Alright, so iTunes started out as a music player, it later gained sync abilities for the iPod, a store to purchase music and later movies and TV Shows. Does music make sense in iTunes? Of course! Movies? Yes, music and movies go hand in hand! TV Shows? Absolutely! And would you like to be able to purchase these directly through iTunes? Definitely, that sounds really comfortable! But... what about sync though? Well, we'll get to that in a minute.

Then, with the introduction of the iPhone, we got apps. Wait, apps in a media player?! Hmm, not sure about that. And then we got books. Uhh, doesn't really fit in either as well, right? Plus you can't even read them on your computer.

So, lets deal with the apps first, we want to remove the App Store from iTunes. Luckily we have the Mac App Store! It's as simple as putting the iPhone and iPad apps in it too. How would you navigate though?

In the current iTunes App Store you get a tab bar which allows you too choose between showing only iPhone apps or iPad apps. So it's as simple as adding a tab for the Mac.

Done, the App Store app will now contain apps for all devices!

Alright books then! How come you can't read your books on your Mac? Apple should really make a iBooks app for the Mac where you can read and purchase books from the iBooks Store.

What about syncing then? Well with iOS 5 we got wireless sync, so if you only use that things will keep working as usual. But if you plug in your iDevice to you computer cause you need to sync something big, like say a movie, should iTunes handle that?

No, for this apple should bring back a remade from the ground up iSync.

How would it work? Well as soon as you plug in your iDevice iSync launches and will, just as iTunes does today, let you pick which items to sync, only with a prettier slicker interface!

So that's my idea of how Apple should tackle iTunes, slim it down to the media player it's supposed to be by moving the App Store to the App Store app, making a standalone iBooks app and bring back the iSync app.

Let me know what you think? :)