Why Does internet audio disconnect when the screen turns off in Win 8?

Yesterday I removed the consumer preview and installed the Windows 8 release preview via Bootcamp on my 13" MacBook Pro.

I figured i'd give Windows 8 Release Preview a go for the entire weekend and not boot into my main squeeze OS X and am still doing so until I go to work on Monday (which I used a Mac).

I have found a few pretty annoying issues.

But the biggest is that when I listen to podcast via the Metro browser. I tend to listen to podcasts when I am doing something else and thus let my screen turn black when Im listening. However when I was listening to Gruber's podcast last night, the audio would stop working every time the screen dimmed. I would need to swipe the touchpad to have it come back on.

Is there a way to disable this from happening? Also with the Metro browser, it seems I couldn't leave the browser and go to the homescreen with out the audio stopping?

I have been avoiding the Windows 8 desktop like a plague and am trying to stay in Metro for the entire but stuff like this is really really annoying.

Please tell me i can change this?

I also plan writing a weekend report of my experience with Windows 8 RP from someone who uses OS X and iOS on a daily basis at both work and home.