ThinkPad X130e now or wait till X131e in Sept.?

I'll be starting my university education in September and I'm contemplating whether I should get the ThinkPad X130e as a graduation gift or wait until September for the newer X131e.

The X131e has USB 3.0, more processor options (up to AMD E2-1800 or rumored to be up to Core i7) as opposed to the E-450 on the X130e, and more storage with an SSD option. However, I don't know the price nor the exact release date for the model, and I won't be using it for any serious computing.

For the X130e, I can get accustomed to using it over the summer to prepare myself for college, and it's most likely less expensive than the X131e.

Any advice is welcome.

ThinkPad X130e (AMD):

ThinkPad X131e (AMD):