Facebook is introducing some changes for developers that could affect how you end up paying for facebook.com and mobile web apps. Starting in July, developers will be able to use subscription pricing, giving users access to content for a minimum monthly fee of $1. The new payment method mirrors the subscription billing available in iOS and Android, and is currently being tested by developers KIXEYE and Zynga.

The company is also dropping its Credits virtual currency in favor of local currency pricing. The company says that since most Facebook games have their own in-game currencies, the company no longer sees a need for a platform-wide solution, and all apps and games will have to be sold in local currency by the end of the year. Also, while subscriptions will be able to use the new pricing right away, local currency won't be supported in in-game item purchases until later — sometime in "the next few months." After the switch, users will be able to convert their unused balances and gift cards to local currency balances, which is good news for the Credit rich.