Surface RT v iPad

Lets list out some of the things that the Surface RT (Windows RT tablets) will do better than the iPad.

Feel free to add to the list, I'm curious to see what I' ve overlooked.

  • The Surface has a keyboard, trackpad and kickstand specifically designed for it. Keyboards for the iPad add bulk and feel like an add-on .
  • USB port. Meaning you can easily share large files and documents, plug in a camera, usb microphone etc.
  • Display port.
  • Windows 8 is designed to work with any input. The iPad has zero support for mice, for example using remote desktop on an iPad is painful because touching the screen can be very inaccurate. I've tried using a mouse on a jailbroken iPad and that was a disaster.
  • The surface has a full version of Office baked in, this is huge for students and enterprise users.
  • Multiuser accounts!! Everyone in a family can have their own private account. Apple doesn't want this, they want one iPad per person.
  • Side by side app multitasking.
  • Standard Windows Filesystem. There's also the Metro file picker that allows apps to import and export data from other apps.
  • Contracts. Offers painless interactivity between apps and lets users share data between apps. The best the iPad has is dropbox and iCloud.