Putting another obstacle in Nokia's path to selling its Lumia range as widely as possible, T-Mobile's German arm has decided that it won't stock the Lumia 900 Windows Phone handset. This comes on the heels of multiple European carriers expressing discontent with the quality of the Windows Phone user experience, but seems to have been motivated by an additional factor. A member of T-Mobile's support team in Germany has revealed, after asking around inside the company, that the reason the Lumia 900 won't be making an appearance on the company's shelves has to do with Windows Phone 8 — specifically, the fact that this new phone won't be upgradeable to the upcoming OS version. As she tells it, T-Mobile opted not to incur the wrath of its users by selling them a new Lumia 900 today and denying them an upgrade to the very latest Microsoft mobile operating system a few months down the line.

That's an admirably frank position for the carrier to take, although when we enquired for comment, the official Deutsche Telekom response was that the rejection of the Lumia 900 is just one of the carrier's many "portfolio decisions" that have to be made and "unfortunately we cannot offer each new device." So the public mouthpiece of the company isn't quite yet willing to affirm that the lack of an upgrade path is at fault, but the fact remains that one of Europe's biggest operators is giving Nokia's flagship device a skip and we sincerely doubt that has anything to do with the hardware on offer.