Windows Phone Notifications Center Concept

Before anyone comments on the quality of these mock ups, I realize they aren't very good, I spent about twenty minutes in MS paint and powerpoint, so I know they're fairly low level.

however, every time I find myself in an app or something else where I can't view the status at the top of the screen, I will hold the back button to get the time. While I wish there were a slightly easier way to see the time in apps, i think the multitasking area could be used for another purpose: notifications.

When you open up the multitasking menu, your current "card" is the furthest right, which makes sense as it's organized based on what you've done recently. But, if you add a notification card to the right of your current card, you could always have quick access to your notifications. The mock ups I've done don't really do the concept justice, but on the people pane, it would give you notifications regarding emails, texts and calls. On the app pane, it would give you app specific notifications you might not have a live tile for. There could also possibly be an "all" pane before both but I didn't think of that until these were done.



Any commentary or suggested improvements would be welcome. I guess we'll see Microsoft's solution today.)