Back To The Mac + iPad And MS Surface ideology

I don't know how many watched 'back to the mac' keynote which took place around October 2010.

In that conference , When jobs took the stage , he posed a question to the audience 'why are we doing this?' ('this' refers to creation of mac AppStore similar to ios AppStore and brining iPad features to mac like one click downloads and auto install etc ). Then he said 'when we say that we bring iPad features to mac' he says that most will imagine that apple would be introducing a touchscreen to Mac(he shows a picture with finger touching mac screen).

Then he adds , 'this seems cool , it gives a great demo but it's ergonomically terrible, after working some time ur hands wear off and want to rest etc.' (overall meaning to what he says).

Now Microsoft reinvented the idea with surface and detachable keyboard and a kickstand.

Jobs view was converting mac to touch screen as bad idea (mac means desktop OS working on touch screen instead of traditional inputs of trackpad or mouse and keyboard.)

I think Microsoft did good job solving both problems with surface (one being portability of a PC and other is full keyboard/mouse support with tablet like experience).

But will it blend ?


Here's link to keynote : (watch it from around 9:00 minutes)