Quick to hate.. Hold on pause hear me out

K for all current Lumia owners let me ask you this...

Remember when you had a Windows XP PC and you upgraded to Vista god damn it was slow the experience was horrible I had to completely build a new rig with new hardware to run it..

This is the similar situation for WP7.5 to 8 you just don't have the HW to run all the new things so MS came out with 7.8 to make the WP8 experience on your current 7.5 device butter smooth.

Now I wanted to point out the key experience factor in WP is the integrated APPS like the People HUB, Office, Xbox, Music, Email etc

The main apps haven't been covered and I am sure they will be upgraded when WP8 comes around. I am sure those apps will be updated for 7.8 keeping current 7.5 owners updated with the latest and greatest WP8 experience and that's the most important part.

I want a phone that is nice and smooth and if WP8 doesn't provide that to me then whats the point I would rather buy a new WP8 device. But as of right now as long as I get KEY Windows Phone 8 features I am happy.

Hate on if you want to but this is a small preview they haven't covered the key experiences to what makes WP great and I am sure that's going to be covered later on and availale on 7.8