Apple iPhone 4S

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Reviewed by W. Cardwell (Currently owns)

I was late to the game when I got an iPhone 4s. I was coming off an EVO 4G that I had for almost two years but the early upgrade in May was too tempting to resist. Learning that the newest iPhone may not come out into the fall meant I was going to have to keep the EVO for an additional six months, 5 months longer than I wanted. Overall, I think I've made a future proof choice given the latest info on iOS 6. The phone is solid and I've loved the form factor since seeing the iPhone 4 launch. My only knocks are that my call quality isn't as good as it was on my EVO and I've yet to take pictures that outperform my EVO's camera, neither of which are deal breakers. All the apps I used on Android and some are present and I don't miss the 4+ inch screen real estate. The launching of the newest iPhone may result in me selling this one to pick up the latest addition to iOS but for the moment, I'm content with my choice even if the phone was 6 months old when I got it.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 9
  • Display 9
  • Camera(s) 8
  • Reception / call quality 8
  • Performance 9
  • Software 9
  • Battery life 10
  • Ecosystem 9
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